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What Does an Online Background Check Consist Of? See a sample

In today's technologically advanced society, the Internet opens a wide array of opportunities for individuals to take advantage of. From doing basic things such as shopping online to more advanced instances of performing online research, the Internet offers us things which were never available in the past. One such thing which we can accomplish via the World Wide Web is to perform background checks on individuals. Some may wonder what these checks consist of, and the following will detail what a background check will accomplish.

What Is a State or Federal Background Check?

In basic terms, a background check is finding a collection of information on a particular individual. This information is collected from publicly available information and is done within the constraint of the law. Background checks will uncover various facets of information on an individual such as their legal name, address, workplace and so much more. The depth of the background check will depend on the company that you use to perform such a check and the amount of information you want to gather on an individual.

What are Background Check Laws?

There are no specific, Federal, "employment background check laws" per se. But employment-related provisions of the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act have generally set privacy, accuracy and other standards for credit checks, which are often part of employment background checks. Prior to making inquiries regarding an applicant's or employee's criminal records, employers should conduct a careful review of related federal and state laws, including the status of employee privacy protections. Employers in certain types of industries such as health care, financial services, law enforcement, and education may be required to check criminal records under federal or state law.

Prior to making inquiries into an applicants's or employee's criminal records, employers should establish whether such inquiries will adversely impact minority persons and whether the inquiry is directly related to job performance or justified by a legitimate business necessity; An employment practice that adversely impacts minorities without a justifiable business necessity for the practice is considered a violation of Title VII.

There are between 60 and 70 million Americans (approximately one in four of working age) with some kind of criminal record. A background history of arrests or convictions absolutely can be a problem when it comes to landing a job. This is because approximately 92% of employers check criminal history for some positions. In fact, there are many positions that are required by law for background checks to be run prior to employment.

However, many state laws give some protections to applicants with a criminal history. Some states may prohibit employers from inquiring about arrest records, as long as the arrest is no longer pending. Furthermore, some state laws allow potential employers to ask about convictions that only relate directly to the job in question, or require employers that consider convictions to take appropriate facts into account with respect to relevancy.

A Background Check Gathers Necessary Information for a Wide Array of Purposes

First and foremost, a background check is a way to gather information for a wide array of purposes. Background checks provide important pieces of information on others such as their legal name, address of residence, business address, occupation and so much more. Each background check company will perform checks based on their own criteria; therefore you should determine that the company will provide you with all that you need before obtaining a background check on an individual from that company. However, most companies will offer reports which consist of a variety of pieces of information which makes the background check complete and inclusive overall.

What are the terms and conditions?

You may conduct a check to see if records are found for free; however, in order to release the full results of the background check, there are terms and conditions that you should understand. We also provide a FAQ to help with other questions that you may have. You may also read our privacy policy.

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